lars ee33aaf182 improve performance of specific file accesses (e.g. for check_interface_language) through caching
allow to reset "owner"
update language files
update packaging scripts
only build i386 debian package
clarified some copyright stuff
move URL of data files from /ezmlm-web-data/ to /ezmlm-web/ (debian policy)
add example config file for apache
fixed 'usr/local/' to 'usr/local/' patch for debian
moved "confirmation selection" from "easy" to "expert"
ezmlm-web version number for web interface footer is retrieved from the SPOT ezmlm-web.cgi
2007-08-07 22:48:40 +00:00

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Source: ezmlm-web
Section: admin
Priority: extra
Maintainer: Lars Kruse <devel@sumpfralle.de>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>>3.0.0), gcc (>= 2.95), dpatch
Standards-Version: 3.7.2
Package: ezmlm-web
Architecture: any
Depends: httpd-cgi, libemail-address-perl, libemail-ezmlm-perl (>= 0.07), libclearsilver-perl, ${perl:Depends}
Suggests: qmail-src, bash (>=2.0), gcc
Description: Web interface for ezmlm-idx mailing list administration
This web interface allows you to configure every part of an ezmlm-idx
mailing list.
Access control makes it possible, to share the administrative work in a
controlled way.
This package depends on the following programs, that are not part of the main
debian distribution:
* qmail - http://cr.yp.to/qmail.html
* ezmlm-idx - http://ezmlm.org/
* clearsilver for perl (>= 0.10.2) - http://www.clearsilver.net/downloads/
* Mail::Ezmlm perl module via cpan or as a debian package from