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This file describes how to manage encrypted mailing lists with ezmlm-web.
1) Requirements
2) Installation of gpg-ezmlm
3) Setup of ezmlm-web
4) Notes
1) Requirements
To use encrypted mailing lists, you need to install gpg-ezmlm (see
http://www.synacklabs.net/projects/crypt-ml/). It is essential to use
at least version 0.3.4.
gpg-ezmlm will handle your incoming and outgoing mails. It does not
support all the features of ezmlm-idx, but it should suffice for the
specialized needs of encrypted communication for small groups.
Install the perl module Mail::Ezmlm::Gpg to access gpg-ezmlm. You can
downloaded it from
Of course, you also need gnupg (it is required by gpg-ezmlm, too).
2) Installation
Follow the instructions in the README file of gpg-ezmlm.
Usually it should boil down to the following commands:
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install
See INSTALL in the Mail::Ezmlm::Gpg module
for details on how to install it.
3) Setup of ezmlm-web
Support for encrypted mailing lists can be turned on by copying the
template configuration file (examples/ezmlmwebrc.gnupg.dist) to
the directory, where you did put your ezmlmwebrc file (omit the ".dist"
ezmlm-web will just check, if a file suffixed with ".gnupg" exists
besides ezmlmwebrc.
To support encrypted mailing lists, the following lines in your
ezmlmwebrc.gnupg file are necessary:
use Mail::Ezmlm::Gpg;
The documented example of the ezmlmwebrc.gnupg file in the examples
directory is helpful.
4) Notes
As soon as you installed all the necessary programs and after you did put
the ezmlmwebrc.gnupg to the right location, you will find a new link in the
navigation bar of ezmlm-web named "Encryption".