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/* $Id$ */
// define the location of your ezmlm-web.cgi file in this header file
#include "index.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
/* C wrapper to allow ezmlm-web.cgi to run suid */
/* Copyright (C) 1999/2000, Guy Antony Halse, All Rights Reserved */
/* Copyright (C) 02005/02006, Lars Kruse, All Rights Reserved */
/* See the README file in this distribution for copyright information */
int main(void) {
/* Note that you could also use the following to allow a specific user
to store their mailing lists and configuration file in a different
location. This overrides the default.
ezmlm-web.cgi understands the following parameters:
-C /path/to/config.file
-d /path/to/list/directory
See README for the default values. */
/* Look at the exec(3) man page if you don't understand how the arguments
list below works */
char *switches[] = { "ezmlm-web.cgi", "-d", "/tmp/ezmlm-web-demo", NULL };
execv(EZMLM_WEB_CGI, switches);