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lars fc564403fa updated changelog date
removed TODO file from release
tagged the v3.2 release
2007-08-15 17:39:45 +00:00
lars ee33aaf182 improve performance of specific file accesses (e.g. for check_interface_language) through caching
allow to reset "owner"
update language files
update packaging scripts
only build i386 debian package
clarified some copyright stuff
move URL of data files from /ezmlm-web-data/ to /ezmlm-web/ (debian policy)
add example config file for apache
fixed 'usr/local/' to 'usr/local/' patch for debian
moved "confirmation selection" from "easy" to "expert"
ezmlm-web version number for web interface footer is retrieved from the SPOT ezmlm-web.cgi
2007-08-07 22:48:40 +00:00
lars 70d0ae5d01 disable encryption support for now
README.clearsilver is obsolete
adapt ezmlmwebrc.dist to the new HTML_CSS_COMMON setting (renamed from HTML_CSS_FILE)
separate style and color settings (CSS)
add HTML_CSS_COLOR setting
adapted Makefile.PL to the new paths
cleaned up the README file
prevent uppercase letters in dotqmail filenames
2007-08-04 22:53:31 +00:00
lars 4c83771e11 updated UPGRADE file
new configuration setting: HTML_LINKS
changed layout of top div
fixed some IE rendering problems
improved visualization of subscriber's log
changed interface of 'form_header' macros
moved interface and language selection to the top of the page
reverse order of subscriber's log entries
HTML_CSS_FILE replaced by HTML_CSS_URL - it defaults to '/ezmlm-web.css'
added manpages for 'webusers' and 'ezmlmwebrc' file formats
added check for required settings
ignore 'taintness' of 'send' input data due to non-ascii characters in buttons' values
2007-04-10 22:19:43 +00:00
lars dcc2ef9a56 removed obsolete clearsilver notes
added initial stuff for gettext support
added dependency: liblocale-gettext-perl
2007-03-19 18:42:31 +00:00
lars d29c22b21a manpage of ezmlm-web.cgi updated and added to Makefile.PL
fixed debian packaging warnings
fixed configuration file in debian package
added manpage for ezmlm-web.wrapper
renamed INSTALL.clearsilver to README.clearsilver (to avoid debian packaging warnings)
2006-05-04 03:46:55 +00:00
lars c593d9b3ed some documentation fixes
added svn:keywords for documentation files
2006-05-04 01:23:25 +00:00
lars 413234c5cd typo 2006-04-30 08:20:03 +00:00
lars 5b2d8f7d01 updated some docs
removed old 'debian-related' directory
2006-04-30 08:06:21 +00:00
lars b4507d7ec0 manpage added to debian installer 2006-04-30 00:31:40 +00:00
lars 69b9e6760a [test] and so on ... 2006-04-29 12:39:43 +00:00
lars 82dc2f7441 [test] another one 2006-04-29 09:51:41 +00:00
lars c6d2e563a4 [test] DESTDIR updated 2006-04-29 09:41:55 +00:00
lars ff35e956fe [test] rules updated 2006-04-29 09:31:38 +00:00
lars f08d09b2b8 [test] fixed rules-bug 2006-04-29 09:09:27 +00:00
lars e47795d2de [test] include Build-Dependency for dpatch 2006-04-29 09:07:15 +00:00
lars e7b6b0a5c2 [test] upload for svn-buildpackage 2006-04-29 09:03:24 +00:00
lars f8e4429596 [test] moved debian files 2006-04-29 08:59:37 +00:00