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lars 525ce2812e moved default language names to scripts/update_language_files
revert removal of hdf attribute "Lang.Name"
finally fixed multilingual interface
2007-03-29 15:51:34 +00:00
lars 6227c73f70 updated script for language file management 2007-03-28 23:23:00 +00:00
lars e6438d0777 suppress success message if no subscriber was added
gettext support is now optional - otherwise only english is delivered
fixed GPG_SUPPORT: a missing module does not break the code anymore
subscription log added
moved gettext dependency from code to packaging - the perl gettext support in sarge seems to be broken
2007-03-28 19:08:48 +00:00
lars 099d4f1d6f added support for updating of po files
old hdf translations (only german) moved to po files - japanese was not up-to-date anymore
moved directories from "share" directory back to root
2007-03-21 17:48:31 +00:00
lars 511fbb851f incorporate language fix from 3.0.2
update website
2006-01-08 06:26:08 +00:00
lars 32c98010e5 infrastructure for building debian packages 2006-01-07 01:10:00 +00:00