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# Makefile to compile the binary suid-wrapper for ezmlm-web
# REALINSTALLBIN should be defined in the higher level Makefile
.PHONY: build clean
$(NOECHO) echo "#define EZMLM_WEB_CGI \"$(REALINSTALLBIN)/ezmlm-web.cgi\"" >index.h
$(CC) -o index.cgi index.c
sed 's#^EZMLM_WEB_SUID_WRAPPER=.*$$#EZMLM_WEB_SUID_WRAPPER=$(REALINSTALLBIN)/ezmlm-web.wrapper#' ezmlm-web-make-suid >ezmlm-web-make-suid.configured
-rm index.cgi ezmlm-web-make-suid.configured
$(NOECHO) echo "#define EZMLM_WEB_CGI \"/usr/bin/ezmlm-web.cgi\"" >index.h