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<div id="news">
<p><font class="title">02006/03/26 - <font class="ez">ezmlm-web</font> <a href="download/ezmlm-web-3.1.4.tar.gz" title="download ezmlm-web 3.1.4">Version 3.1.4 released</a></font>
<ul class="changes">
<li>new setting: DOTQMAIL_DIR (useful for multi domain vpopmail setups)</li>
<li>minor stylesheet change (circumvents IE rendering bug)</li>
<li>case-insensitive check for mime type during address file upload</li>
<p><font class="title">02006/02/22 - <font class="ez">ezmlm-web</font> <a href="download/ezmlm-web-3.1.3.tar.gz" title="download ezmlm-web 3.1.3">Version 3.1.3 released</a></font>
<ul class="changes">
<li>fixed removal of dotqmail files</li>
@ -163,7 +170,7 @@ it makes easy remote administration a real possibility.</p>
<p><font class="ez">ezmlm-web</font> allows the user to easily add and remove
mailing list subscribers, create and delete mailing lists as well as alter
the configuration of existing mailing lists. Almost every aspect of the
mailing list is controlable through the web front end, allowing the list
mailing list is controllable through the web front end, allowing the list
user to do most things without the assistance of the systems administrators.</p>