new version 2.3.1 released

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<div id="news">
<font class="title">02005/10/11 - <font class="ez">ezmlm-web</font> <a href="download/ezmlm-web-2.3.1.tar.gz" title="download ezmlm-web 2.3.1">Version 2.3.1 released (contributed by Reinin Oyama)</a></font>
<ul class="changes">
<li>japanes translation</li>
<li>small design improvements</li>
<li>mimeremove and prefix option deletion fixed</li>
<li>some bug fixes</li>
<font class="title">02005/06/10 - <font class="ez">ezmlm-web</font> <a href="download/ezmlm-web-2.3.tar.gz" title="download ezmlm-web 2.3">Version 2.3 released</a></font>
<ul class="changes">
<li>css style definitions</li>