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# comma separated list of possible prefixes for accesible devices
# beware: .e.g "/dev/hd" grants access to _all_ harddisks
AllowedDevices = /dev/loop, /dev/ubdb
# use separate config partition? (1=yes / 0=no)
UseConfigPartition = 1
# the default name prefix of not unnamed containers
DefaultVolumePrefix = "Disk "
# which cipher should cryptsetup-luks use?
#TODO: uml does not support this module - DefaultCipher = aes-cbc-essiv:sha256
DefaultCipher = aes-plain
# label of the configuration partition (you should never change this)
ConfigVolumeLabel = cbox_config
# which plugins should be disabled? (comma seperated list)
#DisabledPlugins = network, shutdown, partition
# where should we mount volumes?
# this directory must be writeable by the cryptobox user (see above)
MountParentDir = /var/cache/cryptobox-server/mnt
# settings directory: contains name database and plugin configuration
SettingsDir = /var/cache/cryptobox-server/settings
# where are the clearsilver templates?
TemplateDir = /usr/share/cryptobox-server/templates
# path to documentation files
DocDir = /usr/share/doc/cryptobox-server/html
# path to the plugin directory
PluginDir = /usr/share/cryptobox-server/plugins
# path to the event directory (e.g. containing some scripts)
EventDir = /etc/cryptobox-server/events.d
# possible values are "debug", "info", "warn" and "error" or numbers from
# 0 (debug) to 7 (error)
Level = debug
# where to write the log messages to?
# possible values are: file
# syslog support will be added later
Destination = file
# depending on the choosen destination (see above) you may select
# details. Possible values for the different destinations are:
# file: $FILENAME
# syslog: $LOG_FACILITY
Details = /var/log/cryptobox-server/cryptobox.log
# URL of default stylesheet
Stylesheet = /cryptobox-misc/cryptobox.css
# comma seperated list of available languages for the web interface
# the first language is the default
# all other languages serve as fallbacks for an incomplete translation
# please check the current state of the translation before activating a language
# see /usr/share/locale for a list of possible language codes
# if a translated string is not available, then the english original is displayed
# available languages: cs, da, de, en, es, fi, fr, hu, it, ja, nl, pl, pt, ru, sl, sv
Languages = de, en, fr
cryptsetup = /sbin/cryptsetup
mkfs = /sbin/mkfs
blkid = /sbin/blkid
blockdev = /sbin/blockdev
mount = /bin/mount
umount = /bin/umount
nice = /usr/bin/nice
super = /usr/bin/super
# this is the "program" name as defined in /etc/
CryptoBoxRootActions = CryptoBoxRootActions