lars 3500b67a40 constant width of the main screen (works for mozilla/ff and ie55/60
refresh link for logs feature
change default setting of UseConfigPartition to "0"
README file rewritten
README.samba added
README.davfs added
README.Debian rewritten
event scripts for samba and apach2_dav improved
do not redirect to "disks overview" after successful plugin execution (e.g. date, ...)
unclean web dataset fixed
removed some non-translateable strings from po and pot files
automatically update the cryptobox version according to the debian package version number
2006-12-07 12:20:43 +00:00

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include README
include README.samba
include README.davfs
include LICENSE
include changelog
include copyright
graft man
graft scripts
graft doc
graft conf-examples
graft event-scripts
graft www-data
graft templates
graft lang
graft plugins
graft intl
prune package.exclude