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CryptoBox for Debian - installation notes
The main configuration file of the CryptoBox webserver is:
All settings named [Foo]->Bar are defined in this file.
1) Configure startup and network settings in /etc/default/cryptobox-server.
Set 'NO_START' to "0" if the CryptoBox should start at every bootup.
Set the port on which the cryptobox-server should listen.
2) Define [Main]->AllowedDevices according to the devices that you want to
publish via the cryptobox webinterface. Be careful: the data on these drives
can be overwritten by front-end users!
3) Choose a list of plugins to disable in [Main]->DisabledPlugins.
4) Use the username 'admin' and the password 'admin' to access protected
parts of the CryptoBox. Please change the password soon in the 'user_manager'.
You can use the 'plugin_manager' to define which parts of the CryptoBox should
be restricted to administrative access.
5) Read /usr/share/doc/cryptobox-server/event-scripts/README for information
about event handlers. They can be used to integrate fileservers (samba,
apache2-dav, nfs, ...) into the CryptoBox. Detailed information about
integration with samba and apach2-dav can be found in README.samba and
6) A line was automatically added to /etc/
This is necessary to gain root privileges for certain actions.
Please inspect /usr/sbin/CryptoBoxRootActions carefully to make sure, that your
system can not get compromised by this.