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Running the CryptoBox behind a proxy

This describes how to setup the CryptoBox webserver behind a apache or lighttpd
as proxy webservers.

-=-=-=- apache in front of the cryptobox-server (cherrypy) -=-=-=-

The following section describes how to configure an apache2 webserver for
forwarding requests to the cherrypy server of the CryptoBox.

1) Required modules
- proxy
- header
Both module should be part of usual default installations of apache2.
Activate these modules. For debian you should run: a2enmod MOD_NAME

2) Configuration directives
The following example should help you to create your own proxy configuration
for apache2.

ProxyRequests Off

<Proxy *>
Order Deny,Allow
Allow from all

<Location /cryptobox/>
ProxyPass http://localhost:8080/
ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:8080/
RequestHeader set CryptoBox-Location /cryptobox

Now you should to a restart of apache2.

3) Testing
Now you should point your webserver to the proxy host and check if
the CryptoBox layout ist working properly.


-=-=-=- lighttpd in front of the cryptobox-server (cherrypy) -=-=-=-

In this section we do the same as above, but with lighttpd.

Your lighttpd config should contain something like this:

# selecting modules
server.modules = ( "mod_scgi" )

scgi.server = ( "/cryptobox" =>
(( "host" => "",
"port" => 8080,
"check-local" => "disable"