lars 8746a53521 suppress warning if handle_messages was called twice
added link to the volume icon
moved to table based layout
2006-11-15 11:47:28 +00:00

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<?cs # $Id$ ?>
<?cs if:Data.Redirect ?>
<p class="warning"><a href="<?cs if:Data.Redirect.URL ?><?cs var:Data.Redirect.URL ?><?cs else ?><?cs call:link(Data.Redirect.Action,'','','','') ?><?cs /if ?>"><?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Text.RedirectNote) ?></a></p>
<?cs /if ?>
</div><!-- end of 'words' -->
<?cs # ugly way of getting a 'min-height' for IE6 ?>
</td><td id="pane_right"><p style="height:260px;" /></tr>
<tr><td/><td><div id="footer">
<?cs var:Data.Version ?>&nbsp;&nbsp;
<a href="" title="<?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Text.ProjectHomePage) ?>">CryptoBox-Home</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Text.ProjectNote) ?>&nbsp;<a href="" title="">sense.lab</a>
<?cs # ugly way of getting a 'min-width' for IE6 ?>
<tr><td/><td><p style="width:600px;" /><td/></tr>
</div><!-- end of 'main' -->
<?cs # TODO: update these status settings - most are outdated ... ?>
<!-- CBOX-STATUS-begin - used for validation - do not touch!
Settings.Language=<?cs var:html_escape(Settings.Language) ?>
Data.Version=<?cs var:html_escape(Data.Version) ?>
Data.ScriptURL=<?cs var:html_escape(Data.ScriptURL) ?>
<?cs each:x = Data.Status.Plugins ?>Data.Status.Plugins.<?cs
var:name(x) ?>=<?cs var: html_escape(x) ?>
<?cs /each
?>CBOX-STATUS-end -->
<!-- $Revision$ -->
<?cs # check, if the macro 'handle_messages' was called before - otherwise place a warning ?>
<?cs if:!messages_are_handled ?>MESSAGES WERE NOT HANDLED PROPERLY - PLEASE FIX THIS!<?cs /if ?>