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Lang {
Name = English
Title {
Top = The CryptoBox
Slogan = Privacy for the rest of us.
Init = CryptoBox initialization
Mount = Activation of encrypted data
Umount = Deactivation of encrypted data
Config = CryptoBox configuration
Log = CryptoBox logfiles
ShutDown = System
Text {
EnterNewCryptoPassword = Enter the new crypto password:
EnterSameCryptoPassword = Repeat the new crypto password:
EnterAdminPassword = Enter the current administration password:
EnterNewAdminPassword = Enter the new administration password:
EnterSameAdminPassword = Repeat the new administration password:
InitWarning = During the process of initialization ALL DATA on the hard drive WILL BE DELETED!
InitDescription = This step is only required on first use.<br>For daily use you just have to activate and deactivate the encrypted filesystem.
ConfirmInitHint = To confirm that you know what you are doing, please enter exactly the following sequence:
ConfirmInit = Yes, delete all data!
PartitionInfo = Current partioning of the hard drive:
IPAddress = Network address (IP) of the CryptoBox:
TimeOut = Timeout for deactivation of the encrypted filesystem (in minutes):
EmptyLog = The logfiles of the CryptoBox are empty.
SelectLanguage = Language preferences:
RedirectNote = Click here if your browser does not support automatic redirection.
ProjectHomePage = Website of project
ProjectNote = The CryptoBox is a product of
DoUmount = Deactivation of the encrypted filesystem
DoMount = Activation of the encrypted filesystem
Configuration = Configuration
Button {
DoInit = Initialize CryptoBox
SaveConfig = Save configuration
Update = Refresh
Mount = activate encrypted filesystem
Umount = deactivate encrypted filesystem
Config = Configuration
PowerOff = Shutdown
ReBoot = Reboot
Protocol = Logfiles
Documentation = Manual
WarningMessage {
InitNotConfirmed {
Title = Confirmation failed
Text = The sequence has to be entered exactly as shown!
EmptyCryptoPassword {
Title = Invalid crypto password
Text = The crypto password must not be empty!
DifferentCryptoPasswords {
Title = Crypto passwords do not match
Text = Both entered passwords have to be identical to ensure this is the desired password.
DifferentAdminPasswords {
Title = Administration passwords do not match
Text = Both entered passwords have to be identical to ensure this is the desired password.
WrongAdminPassword {
Title = Wrong Administration password
Text = The entered administration password is wrong. Please try again.
MountFailed {
Title = Activation failed
Text = The encrypted filesystem could not be activated. Probably the given password was wrong.
UmountFailed {
Title = Deactivation failed
Text = The encrypted filesystem could not be activated. Probably some files are still in use. Also close all unclean programs (for example that widely used word processor). In case of need just shut down the CryptoBox!
NotInitialized {
Title = No configuration found
Text = The CryptoBox has not yet been configured.
InitNotFinished {
Title = Initialization not yet completed
Text = Initialization will be completed in a few minutes. After completed initialization this action will become available.
IsMounted {
Title = Already active
Text = The encrypted filesystem has already been activated.
NotMounted {
Title = Inactive
Text = The encrypted filesystem is currently not active.
AlreadyConfigured {
Title = Configuration found
Text = The CryptoBox has already been configured. If you initialize again, all data will be deleted!
InvalidLanguage {
Title = Invalid language
Text = The selected language is not available!
InvalidIP {
Title = Invalid IP address
Text = The selected network address is not valid!
InvalidTimeOut {
Title = Invalid timeout
Text = The selected timeout is not valid!
ConfigTimeOutFailed {
Title = Error during change of timeout
Text = The timeout value could not be changed!
ConfigLanguageFailed {
Title = Error during change of language preferences
Text = The language preferences could not be changed!
ConfigIPFailed {
Title = Error during change of network address
Text = The network address could not be changed!
IPAddressChanged {
Title = Change of network address
Text = The network address has been changed. In a few seconds you will be redirected to the new address.
SuccessMessage {
InitRunning {
Title = Initialization running
Text = The initialization will be completed in background.
ConfigSaved {
Title = Configuration saved
Text = The new settings have been accepted.
MountDone {
Title = Encrypted filesystem activated
Text = The encrypted filesystem is now available.
UmountDone {
Title = Encrypted filesystem deactivated
Text = The encrypted filesystem is now secured from all forms of access.
PowerOff {
Title = Shutdown
Text = The CryptoBox is currently going to halt. In a few seconds you can power it off (in case this does not happen automatically).
ReBoot {
Title = Reboot
Text = The CryptoBox is currently rebooting. In a few seconds it is available again.
ErrorMessage {
UnknownAction {
Title = Unknown action
Text = You have requested an undefined action.
Title = Unencrypted connection
Text = The CryptoBox only accepts encrypted connections (https), so the password is save from curious eyes. In a few seconds an encrypted connection will be established.
InitFailed {
Title = Initialization failed
Text = Please send the logfiles (see above) to the developers of the CryptoBox.
NoHardDisk {
Title = No hard drive
Text = No hard drive suitable for saving the encrypted filesystem found. Please ensure the BIOS detected the hard drive during power-on of the comuter.