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# $Id$
# parent class for all plugins of the CryptoBox
import os
import cherrypy
class CryptoBoxPlugin:
## default capability is "system" - the other supported capability is: "volume"
pluginCapabilities = [ "system" ]
## does this plugin require admin authentification?
requestAuth = False
## is this plugin enabled by default?
enabled = True
## default rank (0..100) of the plugin in listings (lower value means higher priority)
rank = 80
## default icon of this plugin (relative path)
defaultIconFileName = "plugin_icon.png"
def __init__(self, cbox, pluginDir):
self.cbox = cbox
self.hdf = {}
self.pluginDir = pluginDir
self.hdf_prefix = "Data.Plugins.%s." % self.getName()
def doAction(self, **args):
"""override doAction with your plugin code"""
raise Exception, "undefined action handler ('doAction') in plugin '%'" % self.getName()
def getStatus(self):
"""you should override this, to supply useful state information"""
raise Exception, "undefined state handler ('getStatus') in plugin '%'" % self.getName()
def getName(self):
"""the name of the python file (module) should be the name of the plugin"""
return self.__module__
def getIcon(self, image=None, **kargs):
"""return the image data of the icon of the plugin
the parameter 'image' may be used for alternative image locations (relative
to the directory of the plugin)
'**kargs' is necessary, as a 'weblang' attribute may be specified (and ignored)"""
import cherrypy, re
if (image is None): # or ('[\w-\.]', image)):
plugin_icon_file = os.path.join(self.pluginDir, self.defaultIconFileName)
plugin_icon_file = os.path.join(self.pluginDir, image)
if not os.access(plugin_icon_file, os.R_OK):
plugin_icon_file = os.path.join(self.cbox.prefs["Locations"]["PluginDir"], "plugin_icon_unknown.png")
return cherrypy.lib.cptools.serveFile(plugin_icon_file)
def getTemplateFileName(self, template_name):
"""return the filename of the template, if it is part of this plugin
use this function to check, if the plugin provides the specified template
result_file = os.path.join(self.pluginDir, template_name + ".cs")
if os.access(result_file, os.R_OK) and os.path.isfile(result_file):
return result_file
return None
def getLanguageData(self, lang="en"):
import neo_cgi, neo_util
raise CryptoBoxExceptions.CBEnvironmentError("couldn't import 'neo_*'! Try 'apt-get install python-clearsilver'.")
langdir = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(self.pluginDir, "lang"))
## first: the default language file (english)
langFiles = [os.path.join(langdir, "en.hdf")]
## maybe we have to load a translation afterwards
if lang != "en":
langFiles.append(os.path.join(langdir, lang + ".hdf"))
file_found = False
lang_hdf = neo_util.HDF()
for langFile in langFiles:
if os.access(langFile, os.R_OK):
file_found = True
if file_found:
return lang_hdf
self.cbox.log.debug("Couldn't find a valid plugin language file (%s)" % str(langFiles))
return None
def loadDataSet(self, hdf):
for (key, value) in self.hdf.items():
hdf.setValue(key, str(value))
def isAuthRequired(self):
"""check if this plugin requires authentication
first step: check plugin configuration
second step: check default value of plugin"""
if self.cbox.prefs.pluginConf[self.getName()]["requestAuth"] is None:
return self.requestAuth
if self.cbox.prefs.pluginConf[self.getName()]["requestAuth"]:
return True
return False
except KeyError:
return self.requestAuth
def isEnabled(self):
"""check if this plugin is enabled
first step: check plugin configuration
second step: check default value of plugin"""
import types
if self.cbox.prefs.pluginConf[self.getName()]["enabled"] is None:
return self.enabled
if self.cbox.prefs.pluginConf[self.getName()]["enabled"]:
return True
return False
except KeyError:
return self.enabled
def getRank(self):
"""check the rank of this plugin
first step: check plugin configuration
second step: check default value of plugin"""
if self.cbox.prefs.pluginConf[self.getName()]["rank"] is None:
return self.rank
return int(self.cbox.prefs.pluginConf[self.getName()]["rank"])
except KeyError, TypeError:
return self.rank
def getTestClass(self):
import imp
pl_file = os.path.join(self.pluginDir, "")
if os.access(pl_file, os.R_OK) and os.path.isfile(pl_file):
return getattr(imp.load_source("unittests_%s" % self.getName(), pl_file), "unittests")
except AttributeError:
try:"could not load unittests for plugin: %s" % self.getName())
except AttributeError:
return None