lars 405f6b90fa improved detection of 'active' plugin for marking in the main menu
plugin plugin_manager: prevent browser from caching repeatitive actions
plugin plugin_manager: add support for properties/volume visibility
plugins: moved message handling to central header file (templates/header.cs)
splitted 'volume_props' into 'volume_rename' and 'volume_chpasswd'
volume_props: turned into a container for small property changes
renamed 'format_fs' to 'volume_format_fs'
moved inclusion of 'show_volume_[header|footer].cs' to central header file
2006-11-13 16:11:07 +00:00

15 lines
673 B

<?cs # $Id$ ?>
<h3><?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Plugins.volume_rename.Title.ChangeVolumeName) ?></h3>
<?cs call:print_form_header("set_name", "volume_rename") ?>
<label for="vol_name"><?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Text.ContainerName) ?>: </label>
<input type="text" name="vol_name" tabindex="10" size="15" id="vol_name" value="<?cs var:html_escape( ?>" />
<input type="hidden" name="device" value="<?cs var:html_escape(Data.CurrentDisk.device) ?>" />
<input type="hidden" name="store" value="set_name" />
<button type="submit" tabindex="11"><?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Plugins.volume_rename.Button.ContainerNameSet) ?></button>