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import CryptoBoxPlugin
import Plugins
from CryptoBoxExceptions import *
class volume_props(CryptoBoxPlugin.CryptoBoxPlugin):
pluginCapabilities = [ "volume" ]
pluginVisibility = [ "volume" ]
requestAuth = False
rank = 30
def doAction(self, **args):
import os
self.props_plugins = [e for e in Plugins.PluginManager(self.cbox, self.cbox.prefs["Locations"]["PluginDir"]).getPlugins() if "properties" in e.getVisibility()]
## sort plugins by rank
self.props_plugins.sort(cmp = self.__cmpPluginsRank)
## set the name of the templates for every plugin
loadString = ""
for p in self.props_plugins:
p.device = self.device
plfname = os.path.join(p.pluginDir, str(p.doAction(**args)) + ".cs")
loadString += "<?cs include:'%s' ?>" % plfname
## this is a little bit ugly: as it is not possible, to load cs files via
## 'linclude' (see clearsilver doc) if they use previously defined macros (see
## clearsilver mailing list thread 'linclude file which calls a macro' - 27th
## December 02005)
## our workaround: define the appropriate "include" (not 'linclude') commands
## as a hdf variable - then we can include it via 'evar'
self.hdf[self.hdf_prefix + 'includePlugins'] = loadString
return "volume_properties"
def getStatus(self):
return "TODO"
def loadDataSet(self, hdf):
"""override the parent's function
we have to get the data from all included plugins"""
for p in self.props_plugins:
## call our parent's method
CryptoBoxPlugin.CryptoBoxPlugin.loadDataSet(self, hdf)
def __cmpPluginsRank(self, p1, p2):
order = p1.getRank() - p2.getRank()
if order < 0:
return -1
elif order == 0:
return 0
return 1