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<?cs # $Id$ ?>
<style type="text/css"><?cs include:Data.Plugins.partition.StyleSheetFile ?></style>
<h1><?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Plugins.partition.Title.Partition) ?></h1>
<?cs if:subcount(Data.Plugins.partition.BlockDevices) > 0 ?>
<?cs call:print_form_header("select_device", "partition") ?>
<?cs call:hint("Plugins.partition.DeviceDataIsLost") ?>
<p><label for="block_device"><?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Plugins.partition.Text.SelectDevice) ?>: </label><br/>
<select name="block_device" id="block_device" tabindex="1" size="0">
<?cs each:x = Data.Plugins.partition.BlockDevices
?><option value="<?cs var:html_escape( ?>"><?cs
var:html_escape( ?> (<?cs var:html_escape(x.size) ?>)</option>
<?cs /each ?>
<p><input type="checkbox" name="create_config_partition" value="1" tabindex="2" id="create_config_partition" /><label for="create_config_partition"><?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Plugins.partition.Text.CreateConfigPartition) ?></label></p>
<?cs if:Data.Plugins.partition.CreateConfigPartition ?>
<input type="hidden" name="create_config_partition" value="1" />
<?cs /if ?>
<input type="hidden" name="step" value="add_partition" />
<div align="center"><table><tr>
<!-- we have to avoid an ugly IE bug, that ignores the "value" attribute
of "button" elements: if a variable called 'easy' is set, then this
button was choosen - uuuuuugly! -->
<td><button type="submit" name="easy" value="1" tabindex="3"><?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Plugins.partition.Button.EasySetup) ?></button></td>
<td><button type="submit" name="normal" value="1" tabindex="4"><?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Plugins.partition.Button.SelectDevice) ?></button></td>
<?cs /if ?>
<?cs # a warning will be displayed if there are no disks available ?>