lars 8746a53521 suppress warning if handle_messages was called twice
added link to the volume icon
moved to table based layout
2006-11-15 11:47:28 +00:00

166 lines
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<?cs # $Id$ ?><?cs
def:link(path, attr1, value1, attr2, value2)
?><?cs # first: override previous content of "Temp"
?><?cs each:attrs = Temp
?><?cs set:attrs = ""
?><?cs /each
?><?cs each:attrs = Settings.LinkAttrs
?><?cs set:Temp[name(attrs)] = attrs
?><?cs /each
?><?cs if:attr1 != "" ?><?cs set:Temp[attr1] = value1 ?><?cs /if
?><?cs if:attr2 != "" ?><?cs set:Temp[attr2] = value2 ?><?cs /if
?><?cs var:path
?><?cs set:first_each = 1
?><?cs if:subcount(Temp) > 0
?><?cs each:attrs = Temp
?><?cs if:(name(attrs) != "") && (attrs != "")
?><?cs if:first_each == 1 ?><?cs
set:first_each = 0 ?>?<?cs
?>&amp;<?cs /if
?><?cs var:url_escape(name(attrs)) ?>=<?cs var:url_escape(attrs)
?><?cs /if
?><?cs /each
?><?cs /if ?><?cs
/def ?><?cs
def:show_messageNode(node) ?><?cs
# expects a node of the hdf tree containing a warning/success/environment message
?><td class="text"><?cs
if:?node.Title ?><h1><?cs var:html_escape(node.Title) ?></h1><?cs /if ?><?cs
if:?node.Text ?><?cs var:html_escape(node.Text) ?><?cs /if ?></td><?cs
if:subcount(node.Link) > 0
?><td class="link"><a href="<?cs
if:node.Link.Abs ?><?cs
var:node.Link.Abs ?><?cs
elif:node.Link.Prot ?><?cs
var:node.Link.Prot + "://" + Data.ScriptURL.Host + Data.ScriptURL.Path + node.Link.Rel ?><?cs
else ?><?cs
call:link(node.Link.Rel,, node.Link.Attr1.value,, node.Link.Attr2.value) ?><?cs
/if ?>" title="<?cs var:html_escape(node.Link.Text) ?>"><?cs
var:html_escape(node.Link.Text) ?></a></td><?cs /if ?><?cs
/def ?><?cs
# the following macro is as ugly as possible - but somehow we have to manage
to use 'normal' and 'plugin' messages in a clean way:
- Lang.WarningMessage.???: defined by core functions
- Lang.Plugins.PLUGINNAME.WarningMessage.???: defined by plugins
- mname: name of the message (e.g.: "InvalidInput")
- type: choose one: { warning | success | environment_warning }
- category: choose one: { WarningMessage | SuccessMessage | EnvironmentWarning }
def:message_dispatch(mname, type, category)
?><?cs # split the message name into a (potentially existing) plugin-name prefix and the suffix (the python equivalent of the following three lines would be:
plugPrefix, PlugSuffix = mname[0:mname.find(".",8), mname[mname.find(".",8)+1:]
?><?cs # initialization ?><?cs set:savedX = 0 ?><?cs
loop:x = #8, #40, #1 ?><?cs if:(string.slice(mname,x,x+1) == ".") && !savedX ?><?cs set:savedX = x ?><?cs /if ?><?cs /loop
?><?cs set:plugPrefix = string.slice(mname,0,savedX)
?><?cs set:plugSuffix = string.slice(mname,savedX+1,string.length(mname))
?><?cs # choose the appropriate symbol file
?><?cs if:type == "success" ?><?cs
set:symbolFile = "dialog-information_tango.png"
?><?cs elif:type == "warning" ?><?cs
set:symbolFile = "dialog-error_tango.png"
?><?cs elif type == "environment_warning" ?><?cs
set:symbolFile = "dialog-error_tango.png"
?><?cs elif type == "hint" ?><?cs
set:symbolFile = "dialog-warning_tango.png"
?><?cs /if
?><?cs # preparations are done - now start writing
?><div class="message"><table><tr><td class="message_symbol"><img src="<?cs
call:link('cryptobox-misc/' + symbolFile,'','','','')
?>" alt="icon: info" /></td><?cs
# check if it is a 'normal' message ?><?cs
if:subcount(Lang[category][mname]) > 0 ?><?cs
call:show_messageNode(Lang[category][mname]) ?><?cs
# check if the mname starts with "Plugins." ... ?><?cs
elif:(string.slice(mname,0,8) == "Plugins.") && subcount(Lang[plugPrefix][category][plugSuffix]) > 0 ?><?cs
call:show_messageNode(Lang[plugPrefix][category][plugSuffix]) ?><?cs
# the message does not seem to exist ... ?><?cs
else ?>
<td><h1>unknown <?cs var:type ?> message</h1>
could not find <?cs var:type ?> message: '<?cs var:mname ?>'</td><?cs
/if ?></tr></table></div><?cs
/def ?><?cs
?><?cs call:message_dispatch(mname, "environment_warning", "EnvironmentWarning") ?><?cs
/def ?><?cs
def:hint(mname) ?><?cs
# show a warning hint
?><?cs call:message_dispatch(mname, "hint", "AdviceMessage") ?><?cs
/def ?><?cs
?><?cs call:message_dispatch(mname, "warning", "WarningMessage") ?><?cs
/def ?><?cs
?><?cs call:message_dispatch(mname, "success", "SuccessMessage") ?><?cs
/def ?><?cs
def:print_form_header(form_name, action) ?><?cs #
# the header of a form - including Setting.LinkAttrs
?><form name="<?cs var:html_escape(form_name) ?>" action="<?cs call:link(action,"","","","") ?>" method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" accept-charset="utf-8"><?cs
/def ?><?cs
def:show_volume_icon(volume) ?><?cs
# show the appropriate icon for the current state of the volume ?><?cs ?><?cs
if:volume.encryption ?><?cs
set:filename='volume_active_crypto.gif' ?><?cs
else ?><?cs
set:filename='volume_active_plain.gif' ?><?cs
/if ?><?cs
else ?><?cs
if:volume.encryption ?><?cs
set:filename='volume_passive_crypto.gif' ?><?cs
else ?><?cs
set:filename='volume_passive_plain.gif' ?><?cs
/if ?><?cs
/if ?><img src="<?cs call:link('cryptobox-misc/' + filename,'','','','') ?>" alt="icon: volume" /><?cs
/def ?><?cs
def:show_volume(volume) ?><?cs
# show the icon of the volume ?>
<div class="volume">
<a href="<?cs call:link('volume_mount','device',volume.device,'','') ?>" title="<?cs var:html_escape( ?>">
<?cs call:show_volume_icon(volume) ?><br/><?cs
var:html_escape( ?> (<?cs
var:html_escape(volume.size) ?>)</a></div><?cs
/def ?><?cs
def:help_link(pagename) ?><?cs
# show an iconed link to a specific help page for the current form ?>
<div class="help_link">
<a href="<?cs call:link('help','page',pagename,'','') ?>" title="<?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Button.HelpForForm) ?>">
<?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Button.HelpForForm) ?>
<img class="message_symbol" src="cryptobox-misc/icon_get_help.png" alt="icon: help" />
/def ?><?cs
def:handle_messages() ?><?cs
# call this function once for every page - otherwise your risk to loose messages
# if it gets called twice somehow, then we just ignore it
?><?cs if:!messages_are_handled
?><?cs if:Data.Warning ?><?cs call:warning(Data.Warning) ?><?cs /if
?><?cs if:Data.Success ?><?cs call:success(Data.Success) ?><?cs /if
?><?cs set:messages_are_handled = 1
?><?cs /if ?><?cs
/def ?>