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Event scripts for CryptoBox events

If you want to execute specific actions according to changes of the cryptobox,
then you can just add your own scripts to this directory.
These scripts are called with root user permissions.

The common synopsis for all event scripts is:

1) Possible events
Supported events:
		called before and after (u)mounting of a volume
		arguments (in this order):
			- device: name of the underlying device
			- vol_name: name of the (u)mounted volume
			- vol_type: type of the volume (plain|luks)
			- mount_dir: mountpoint of the volume

2) Preperation of event scripts
Every event script has to fulfill the following conditions:
	- be executable (for the cryptobox user and for root)
	- be writeable for root only
	- its parent directories must be writeable for root only
	- the directory of the script must contain a file called '_event_scripts_' (to prevent abuse)

3) Storing settings
If your custom event script needs to write information to a file, then it
should create this file below /var/cache/cryptobox-server/settings/misc/.
(adapt this directory to your setup, if you changed the default settings of