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Preparations for developers

Software requirements


We use Debian as our development environment. This was a natural choice, as the CryptoBox-LiveCD is also based on Debian. Other distributions should work too, of course - your mileage may vary.




If you want to use qemu to test your CryptoBox in a virtual environment, then you will need the tun/tap kernel feature.


Get the source

Download the latest release from our subversion-Repository:

svn checkout

First build

run scripts/ release as root - hopefully, there should be no errors :)

Hint: This step will fail, if you did not install apt-cacher. See CryptoBoxDevCustomBuild for details on how to change the build-configuration settings (in this case: mirror in dfs-cbox.conf).


Now you can start to pariticipate in the development of the CryptoBox or simply customize your own CryptoBox-LiveCD.

See CryptoBoxDevWorkFlow for details of how to use the developer's tools of the CryptoBox.

CryptoBoxDevCustomBuild shows some examples for local customizations of the CryptoBox.