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Custom configuration of the CryptoBox


You may change nearly every aspect of the CryptoBox by using the custom configuration hook directory.

Any script inside of this directory will be executed after the default configuration procedure (see CryptoBoxDevWorkFlow).

The order of execution is defined by the names of the scripts (alphabetically).


Some example customization scripts can be found in configure-examples.d/.

You may put your scripts into configure-local.d/. They will be sourced by


The examples in configure-examples.d/ can be copied to configure-local.d/ and adjusted to your needs.

set_default_ipchange the default IP address of the CryptoBox
set_default_languageset the default language
set_default_timeoutset the default idle time for automatic unmounting
set_hostnamechange the default hostname
set_root_pwchange the password of root (only useful for a development CryptoBox)
import_authorized_keysupload a ssh key for passwordless access to a development CryptoBox
set_scan_deviceswhere to look for usable harddisks