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23 Commits

Author SHA1 Message Date
lars 5b928a6cc3 dfsbuild: removed ntpdate and wipe packages
release policy added
cbox-dev: new action "qemuz" (for compressed image)
cbox-build: added "opt", "boot" and "var" to "uncompressed_items" for compressed iso
cbox-build: remove deb-archiv-pool from "/opt/packages" (used by dfsbuild)
small logo added
2005-10-04 10:22:29 +00:00
lars f026370bbe version information added to footer of web interface
'status' link fixed fixed (insufficient path environment by cron)
2005-10-03 10:11:09 +00:00
lars 9c69eb7786 validation: remove refresh-redirects from retrieved pages
validation: 'check_all' is now the default action
2005-10-03 01:05:28 +00:00
lars 78e07ec99e validate: replace "<" and ">" by html entities
improve SuccessMessage.InitRunning
added a TODO for open translation issues
2005-10-02 17:15:39 +00:00
lars fae808bbff validation: confirmation string now depends on language 2005-09-28 07:38:57 +00:00
lars 51e3f4c5b9 favicon added 2005-09-26 21:00:48 +00:00
lars f15ad301f8 COMPRESSED_ITEMS updated
warning, if build script is not run from ROOT_DIR
2005-09-26 20:53:54 +00:00
lars b928d6520d doc: validate_doc_language fixed
transparency of weblang increased
userdocexport improved
userdoc update
shutdown_form fixed
2005-09-23 06:01:21 +00:00
lars 6f4b078bb8 doc pages updated changed "intro" to doc->CryptoBoxIntro
userdocexport: page list updated
2005-09-22 01:20:33 +00:00
lars 77b781420d validation: web interface language is now configurable 2005-09-22 01:11:03 +00:00
lars 817b126130 autorun.inf renamed to autorun.ini
new cbox-build action "isoz" for compressed image (saves 100MB)
2005-09-21 18:54:17 +00:00
lars 882b9d1bb7 removed last hard coded texts
'EnterCurrentCryptoPassword' added to language files
'EnterAdminPassword' renamed to 'EnterCurrentAdminPassword'
language file loaded immeadiately before rendering
sort language links in web interface lexically
reordered 'find' options to avoid warnings
2005-09-20 22:29:55 +00:00
lars f1421dcaae validation design improved 2005-09-16 07:22:35 +00:00
lars f029c973e8 general userdoc header/footer moved 2005-09-16 06:42:31 +00:00
lars ad86fec58b multilingual userdoc implemented 2005-09-16 06:40:20 +00:00
lars 12f2089bd5 'password' field consistently renamed to 'crypto_password' 2005-09-16 04:02:48 +00:00
lars f9efbead42 redirect in error-404-page fixed
validate does not create tar.gz anymore
2005-09-16 03:35:58 +00:00
lars 2780ec34b6 validation script fixed (some sed expressions) 2005-09-16 03:33:00 +00:00
lars 6dfae47ff4 on-screen-help deactivated executable flag set
2005-09-15 21:10:27 +00:00
lars b68a7e78c8 static doc pages added
autorun.ini, start.html and shellopn added
changed URLs in css to relative links
2005-09-15 01:35:29 +00:00
lars dd99c01b7a kernel config file added
dfsbuild: changed 'sarge' to 'stable'
fixed 'TEMPLATE_DIR' ambiguity
web user interface improved (more state dependent)
doc: update
minor language improvement
2005-09-14 01:57:56 +00:00
lars aeb4f4fb21 new logo proposal
test cases for admin password added
admin password form field fixed
2005-09-13 01:38:11 +00:00
lars ea8b329e33 renamed 'tools' to 'scripts'
added first draft of README
2005-09-08 15:24:00 +00:00