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lars d436fbbec2 removed obsolete creative-commons logo
added "ur" (Urdu) to the configuration file
added remaining graphics to
added hint to bin/
2007-02-05 23:50:43 +00:00
lars cbe9cf40a3 increased with of 'register_*' images
downscaled system plugin icons to 64x64
downscaled disk plugin icons to 32x32
2007-02-05 20:06:06 +00:00
lars d83008bcd5 removed pixel graphics from design directory
added license meta data to our logo drafts
fixed file locations in
2007-02-04 04:36:43 +00:00
lars 7617013c92 added license information for vector graphic files
removed some obsolete graphics
2007-02-04 03:32:19 +00:00