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frisco a26dca8068 Added script and related configuration to browse all of CryptoNAS' Python code in one browser
2011-07-05 07:35:31 +00:00
htgoebel a75f40eac2 Enable running pylint on directories, too 2011-06-12 12:25:39 +00:00
htgoebel c0ee498c5c Minor code cleanup on development helper scripts 2011-06-12 12:01:03 +00:00
lars ffb8f841be * change default indentation (as checked by pylint) from tab to spaces
* changed default behaviour of pylint wrapper script: check _everything_ if no parameters are given
2009-06-12 01:40:26 +00:00
frisco 2e8609b0d2 Major updates to scripts for unit tests and pydoc 2009-06-06 23:24:26 +00:00
frisco 9add2a7b34 Fixed integration issue with cryptsetup; unit tests now pass 2009-05-25 02:37:15 +00:00
frisco a4b638606a Fixed typo in r1156 that broke some unit tests 2009-05-14 07:28:45 +00:00
frisco 615073e02c Changes to use unit tests in non-User Mode Linux environment; merged cryptobox.conf into
2009-05-11 10:02:49 +00:00
lars 87289af11a fix remaining issue of cryptsetup v1.0.5 (continues r1102) 2008-07-09 23:49:08 +00:00
age b9a89f4480 * removed bashisms 2008-04-06 16:08:34 +00:00
age 42a5e1bcc6 * unittests are using /dev/ubd* in uml 2008-02-17 18:10:36 +00:00
age 22eaddc496 * floppy disks are now unsupported
* ram disks are supported
2008-02-17 16:36:43 +00:00
lars 636973af95 fix ambigious file open flag - previously it could be interpreted as a read-only access 2008-01-15 01:59:00 +00:00
age 6f05e1d091 * reverted changes [996] and [998] for good old logfile download 2008-01-15 00:14:19 +00:00
lars 8aa7eaf225 more verbose error reporting for non-writeable pid file 2008-01-14 23:54:02 +00:00
lars 1537f0f2ec remove bashism 2008-01-14 22:48:20 +00:00
age 640cfd1b3f fixed typo 2008-01-14 21:48:45 +00:00
lars ecf056709e CryptoBoxRootActions
* improve structure
 * allow to distinguish betweeen "execution return failure" and "program does not exist"
2008-01-14 21:04:02 +00:00
lars c8e28f5241 improved log messages
skip label detection for luks devices
finished change to new blockdevice handling
2007-08-18 00:19:32 +00:00
lars b72310097c changed the interface of CryptoBoxRootActions: "allowedProgs" are now prefixed with the parameter "program"
added allowedProg "pvdisplay" to CryptoBoxRootActions to allow LVM detection
improved blockdevice handling: caching and detection of lvm, luks and raid
2007-08-16 16:13:04 +00:00
age c33ae31267 * added ntfs write support via fuse (ntfs-3g)
* manually downloaded ntfs-3g package for dfsbuild
2007-08-13 22:35:16 +00:00
age 91f54ffa66 * logs plugin prepares download button for syslogfile, activate in configfile 2007-07-30 23:56:40 +00:00
age 396f80307b * damn OVERRIDE
* removed last run_sfdisk
2007-03-07 12:34:00 +00:00
age 5af4a1c975 * removed unused code 2007-03-06 09:53:50 +00:00
lars 1de2ebe176 make blkid more verbose
fix permission problem during bootup (Closes: #139)
add support for partitioning of blockdevices ending in a digit (e.g. raid (md) devices)
added fieldset to partition plugin
2007-02-19 01:22:31 +00:00
lars 307f42a4e9 ugly typo 2007-02-10 00:19:38 +00:00
age 00ca9ef1a0 * stunnel4 works now
* test if uml image is writeable
* diskname may not contain special chars helptext added
2007-02-09 22:12:52 +00:00
lars 617b9d81af use the right environmental variable as it is set by 'super' 2007-02-09 20:56:16 +00:00
lars dd8eee9f09 fix wrong value of server_port due to wrong order of actions 2007-02-09 20:32:57 +00:00
lars d8e0bbf429 reduce font size by one
improve user detection for CryptoBoxRootActions
2007-02-09 19:36:41 +00:00
lars 514f008b70 fixed plural forms or urdu and some encrypted_webinterface language files
fixed "isWriteable" check of CryptoBoxRootActions - failed on live-cd before
fixed exception handling for "create_misc_config_file"
2007-02-08 21:29:57 +00:00
lars 1bce8e6b4d moved "adduser" from "Depends" to "Pre-Depends"
updated changelog
increased version number to 0.3.3
CryptoBoxRootActions: allow mount points to be non-writeable if they are owned by the cryptobox user
2007-02-08 02:24:11 +00:00
lars d436fbbec2 removed obsolete creative-commons logo
added "ur" (Urdu) to the configuration file
added remaining graphics to
added hint to bin/
2007-02-05 23:50:43 +00:00
age 1fcf8173f2 * README is readable here, try yours again
* thx for the filecheck feature; the TODO is obsolete
2007-01-30 11:26:33 +00:00
lars 6359da105a there is a nicer way to disable security checks 2007-01-30 02:07:09 +00:00
age 1f24166835 did I miss this before? 2007-01-29 23:34:15 +00:00
lars 93e49bf2f2 mount tmpfs if no config partition is available (Closes: #117) 2007-01-26 00:18:22 +00:00
lars 2ecc20e905 fixed the 'status' method of the encrypted_webinterface module
added a method 'create_misc_config_file' to cryptobox.core.settings
used this method to create the certificate file
improved the description on how to set up an encrypted webinterface connection
added description of the 'encrypted_webinterface' plugin to README.ssl
moved 'coding_guidelines.txt' to the wiki
2007-01-25 23:04:45 +00:00
lars ad3de60dd1 added "missing dependency" warnings to network, data, encrypted_webinterface and partition plugins
add "self.root_action" to the plugin specification
implement non-interactive key certificate creation during startup if necessary (the produced certificate is still broken)
run stunnel during startup
returned environment warnings are expected to be lists
2007-01-24 02:51:17 +00:00
lars 16ce32c640 removed obsolete cron file
avoid empty links returned by the "link" macro - for standard compliance
explain the reasoning for using "CryptoBoxRootActionsLocal" in cryptobox.conf
reverting it from "CryptoBoxRootActions" back to "CryptoBoxRootActionsLocal"
2007-01-21 15:37:42 +00:00
age 71276ae7fa * fixes conffile variable
* removed ..Local because of
2007-01-21 11:07:54 +00:00
lars dcefd224e9 skip "isFileSafe" check for plugins' root_actions if the server is running as "root"
improve directory retrieval
2007-01-20 20:57:52 +00:00
lars ab6e34ddf9 add "PluginSettings" section to the main configuration file
these settings are available for plugins as self.defaults[...]
run_webserver now uses "cryptobox-local.conf" ("cryptobox.conf" is the fallback)
2007-01-20 20:56:16 +00:00
lars b33263b11c remove some environment settings during startup 2007-01-20 20:50:36 +00:00
lars 9ce310035a fixed broken group membership changing of webserver (Closes: #114) 2007-01-08 04:54:16 +00:00
lars 092df74547 minor improvements of pylint script 2007-01-08 02:27:37 +00:00
lars e38d566088 create log directory during startup if it does not exist (debian)
skip creation of settings file if the location is not writeable during startup
add basic support for profiling
fixed is_device_allowed problem (was to strict)
2007-01-06 11:40:38 +00:00
lars 2e7f1664fe removed all explicit python2.4 dependencies 2006-12-19 19:03:43 +00:00
lars 9ec9475015 better permission handling of startup script
minor bugfixes
update of CryptoBoxWebserver manpage
2006-12-19 14:02:30 +00:00
lars 794998f950 broken interface fixed in 'partition' plugin for ie
rendering bug of volume_properties fixed for ie
fixed screen width in a mozilla/ie compatible way
added german translation: 'log', 'network', 'volume_automount' and 'volume_details'
fixed config management of 'plugin_manager' plugin
fixed filtering of log level messages for 'logs' plugin
updated documentation for ssl configurations
changed default installation destinations in
added nice background images to environment and help messages
replaced message 'div' with 'fieldset'
moved stylesheet data of plugins to html header (as required by spec)
removed obsolete css definitions
removed obsolete old perl/bash code
improved 'update_po_files': remove obsolete msgids
functionality of '' moved to 'update_po_files'
omit 'weblang' link attribute if it does not change the default setting
changed default language from 'de' to 'en'
fixed template bug that prevented the translation of plugin links
fixed invalid html
implement filecheck overriding for unittests
2006-12-18 13:37:08 +00:00