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lars 9c3dce9321 cahnged userdoc source to 'toolforge' (instead of 'wikis/howto') 2005-09-06 13:05:36 +00:00
lars 7dcc84c75b doc: link images removed
doc: stylesheet improved
encoding changed from utf-8 to utf-16
2005-09-05 22:33:23 +00:00
lars 3e211a5e77 new doc pages added splitted into itself and
2005-09-05 16:44:40 +00:00
lars bd49326856 added some configure examples for customization
added a simple TODO-finder changed some names of functions
updated doc pages
2005-09-02 17:11:49 +00:00
lars e1a3f4c224 minor bug in
userdocexport adapted to new image directory
navigation link for user documentation fixed
2005-09-01 15:45:54 +00:00
lars 16b5e2f07b images moved to /var/www/cryptobox-img
doc pages served by the CGI again (as until rev 164)
URLs of images in stylesheet are absolute now
moved 'partition_info' layout to stylesheet file
CGI: file handling now done with perl instead of shell utilities
CGI: removed warning for 'crypto not mounted' after 'poweroff' or 'reboot'
CGI: warning, if unmount-crypto failed
CGI: warning, if configuration of any value failed silently
texts for 'ConfigTimeOutFailed', 'ConfigLanguageFailed' and 'ConfigIPFailed' added to language file syntax info updated action 'crypto-(u)mount' renamed to 'crypto-up/down'
2005-09-01 15:00:54 +00:00
lars 66c5d1955e doc-export finished 2005-08-31 10:15:59 +00:00
lars c9230db41b doc-export now includes inline images
online documentation is now static
2005-08-31 09:37:21 +00:00
lars 645445d95c userdoc pages added
links in online documentation fixed
remove some service links (rc scripts) during "config" (
2005-08-12 16:14:42 +00:00
lars f49d0d7cf5 userdocexport improved
manual pages updated
2005-08-08 10:52:30 +00:00
lars 6038faf4f6 restructuring to be continued ... 2005-08-03 22:32:11 +00:00