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<?cs # $Id$ ?>
<table class="volume_name"><tr><td>
<a class="disk_symbol "href="<?cs
?>"><?cs call:show_volume_icon(Data.CurrentDisk) ?></a>
<h1 id="volume_name"><?cs var:html_escape(Lang.Title.Volume) ?> <i><?cs
var:html_escape( ?></i></h1>
<table id="volume_area">
<?cs include:Settings.TemplateDir + '/volume_plugins.cs' ?>
<div id="volume_content">
<?cs # this is a little bit dirty: every volume plugin must use 'plugin_heading'
instead of using 'h2' directly - this makes it possible to override this
value for embedded plugins (see 'volume_properties') ?>
<?cs set:plugin_heading = "h2" ?>