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Some important notes regarding the language files:
1) warning/success messages
Title - title of the message
Text - text of the message
Link.Text - textual representation of a link
Link.Abs - absolute URL e.g.
Link.Prot - 'http' or 'https'
Link.Rel - relative url (based on the cgi root)
Link.Attr[12].[name|value] - arguments to be added to the link
The "Link" attributes are only necessary if the (warning) message can be resolved by
some action. Otherwise it is not necessary to define any "Link" attribute.
All values are optional, but you should follow these rules:
- at least one of "Title" and "Text" should be defined
- if there are "Link" attributes, then you should also define "Link.Text"
- "Link.Abs" can not be combined with "Link.Prot", "Link.Rel" or "Link.Attr..."
- "Link.Rel" and "Link.Prot" may be used together
(see plugin/volume_format_fs/lang/en.hdf for a good example for links)
2) adding a new language
- add the language code (e.g. "de") to the ALL_LANGUAGES setting in
- run "scripts/"
- svn add plugins/*/intl/NEW_LANG_CODE intl/NEW_LANG_CODE
- svn revert plugins/*/intl/NEW_LANG_CODE/*.mo intl/NEW_LANG_CODE/*.mo
- svn propset svn:ignore "*.mo" plugins/*/intl/NEW_LANG_CODE intl/NEW_LANG_CODE
- add it to /etc/pootle/pootle.prefs in the translation pootle server
- add it to conf-examples/cryptobox.conf