Removed DHCP box in Network plugin; workaround for "device cache" issue when formatting LUKS volume;

started to update hard-coded release version numbers
frisco 14 years ago
parent bbefb316f4
commit 7317cc571d

@ -81,7 +81,7 @@
<!-- DHCP disabled for CryptoNAS release 0.3.5
<?cs call:show_plugin_icon() ?>
@ -106,5 +106,5 @@
var:html_escape( ?></button>

@ -113,14 +113,14 @@ def compile_po_file(po_file):
name = 'cryptobox-server',
version = '0.3.0',
version = '0.3.5',
description = 'webinterface for handling encrypted disks',
author = 'Sense.Lab e.V.',
author_email = '',
author_email = '',
maintainer = 'Lars Kruse',
maintainer_email = '',
license = 'GPL',
url = '',
url = '',
packages = [ 'cryptobox', 'cryptobox.core', 'cryptobox.web',
'cryptobox.plugins', 'cryptobox.tests' ],
data_files = getdatafiles(datadir, ['templates', 'www-data', 'plugins']) +

@ -408,8 +408,24 @@ class CryptoBoxContainer:
if self.device.is_luks():
## luks devices need special care ...
if self.device.holders:
return cryptobox.core.blockdevice.get_blockdevice(
##Note: This is a hack for the CryptoNAS v0.3.5 release.
##There are undoubtedly latent bugs in the device-info
##cache implementation in CryptoNAS which are probably
##causing this. Since the format operation has already
##occurred by the time this exception gets triggered,
##it is safe to ignore in this limited case and when
##there is no possibility of a "Manual Format" operation
##occurring under CryptoNAS's control. Major changes/fixes
##to the device-info caching and block device handling
##code have already been made in the 0.4 code branch, so
##this is probably not worth investigating further here.
theTypeId = cryptobox.core.blockdevice.get_blockdevice(
return theTypeId
except IndexError:
self.cbox.log.debug("CryptoNAS thinks the device %s does not exist. This is probably due to out of date device cache information right after a format operation." % self.device.holders[0])
return None
## the encrypted container is not open
return None