added some informations about language files

added warnings for non-ssl and readonly-config
lars 17 years ago
parent ea0759402a
commit 2c350207c9

@ -119,6 +119,24 @@ WarningMessage {
Title = The container is mounted
Text = This action is not available while the container is active. Please turn it off first.
ReadOnlyConfig {
Title = Settings can not be stored
Text = If you want to store your settings permanently, then you should create a configuration partition. Go to "Preferences -> Disk Partitioning" in order to do this.
Link {
Text = Create configuration partition
Link = BASE_LINK/plugins/partition
Title = Unencrypted connection
Text = You should use https instead of http to connect to the CryptoBox. Otherwise your passwords are open to other users of your network.
Link {
Text = Use encrypted connection
Link = https://CURRENT_LINK
@ -152,11 +170,6 @@ ErrorMessage {
Text = You have requested an undefined action.
Title = Unencrypted connection
Text = The CryptoBox only accepts encrypted connections (https), so the password is safe from curious eyes. The encrypted connection will be established in a few seconds.
InitFailed {
Title = Initialization failed
Text = Please send the logfiles (see above) to the developers of the CryptoBox (

@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
Some important notes regarding the language files:
1) language file informations
The toplevel attribute "Name" is mandatory and should represent the local name of
the language (e.g.: english, deutsch, francais, ...).
2) warning/success messages
Title - title of the message
Text - text of the message
Link.Text - (optional) textual representation of a link
Lint.Link - (optional) href of a link